Ravelry In Video Games Case Study Analysis Outline

"As video games become increasingly important in our lives, the need for a guide towards a deeper understanding of games as media experiences has never been greater. Introduction to Game Analysis accomplishes this task brimming with depth, precision, and heart." ―Mikael Jakobsson, Comparative Media Studies & MIT Game Lab

"With this volume, the field of game studies now has a thoughtful and comprehensive approach for how to engage in meaningful critique of digital games. Fernández-Vara offers a multitude of theoretical and analytical building blocks and frameworks to help writers produce well-honed critiques of games as well as the social, cultural and technical contexts that surround them. I recommend it in all my games courses as well as to all my students doing a thesis that includes critique/analysis of a game/games." â€•Mia Consalvo, Concordia University

"In the best Socratic tradition, Clara Fernández-Vara teaches us to ask insightful questions about games. This accessible manual for game analysis distills knowledge from the most recent game scholarship and will help students at all levels to develop their critical eye and become articulate about video games." ―Susana Pajares Tosca, IT University of Copenhagen

"This is such a fantastic book. Though the target market is for undergraduates and graduate students, the writing is deep enough for advanced scholars and accessible enough for lay audiences. Though the book is written from a theatre and literary analysis perspective, Fernández-Vara is considerate and nuanced in her treatment of other traditions as well. An excellent book that should be a part of every introductory game studies course, and belongs on every game studies scholar’s shelf."―Robert Mejia, North Dakota State University


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