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Having a hard time getting started on your essay, term paper or dissertation?

Losing sleep because of deadlines and due-dates? Need a guiding hand from an expert in your field of study? Sliqessays has the help you need.

Sliqessays offers custom written essays, term papers, research papers, thesis papers, dissertations, book reports, and assignments from professional writer intimately familiar with your subject. We draw from the expertise of our dedicated pool of experienced authors and experts to provide fast and accurate technical and academic writing services in over 30 subjects.

Up for the Challenge

Our writers are up for any writing challenge regardless of complexity or due-date. We excel under pressure and are experienced at working under tight deadlines. Sliqessays is at the forefront of the academic writing market. Unlike most online essay mills we’re not looking to make a quick buck off our clients. Our writers will work on a one-on-one basis with our clients, gauging their individual needs and providing customized solutions.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee written work that adheres to a high academic standard at an affordable price. Every piece of written work that is produced by Sliqessays is checked with the same anti-plagiarism software used in your own college or university.

We can assist you in writing essays, papers, assignments and reports from all academic levels. Our writers are proficient at the high school and college levels up to the more advanced Ph.D./Master’s/University level. For expert help with your essay, term paper, research paper, thesis, report, review, coursework, case study, dissertation, or assignment all you need to do is send us an inquiry with details of your writing assignment and deadline dates. Our team will find the most suitable academic that matches your specific requirements to work closely with you.

Extensive Database of Writers

Our extensive database of writers means that no subject or academic level is out of reach. We handle communication and payment online for your convenience, and even offer a toll free number if you have any further questions. The entire team at Sliqessays understands the importance of a fast, discreet service for our clients. We do not discriminate on the basis of project size, complexity or cost – we give each of our clients the equal amount of care and attention.

Plagiarism Free

Sliqessays offers students a plagiarism free, custom written, fully cited academic paper. Our writers are experienced in writing academic papers in a variety of formats and standards. Whether you are looking for MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago or Turabian citation styles we have you covered! We accept orders with deadlines of anywhere from 8, 24, 48 hours or more, and always adhere to our client’s instructions. All our writers and staff understand that each essay or academic paper represents an important step in a student’s path to success, and we work hard to help you achieve that.

Qualified Writers

The vast majority of online essay writing services outsource to overseas authors who are not qualified to write on the subjects they cover and often have English as a second language. All the writers in our database are native English speakers and possess degrees or are working professionals in your field of study. Our author-matchmaking service is second to none and is a big part of our success as an essay writing service. Our client’s appreciate the extra time and attention we give them, and can see tangible real-world benefits from the work we provide.

Our Essay Writing Services

Essay Writing Service
Writing an essay may not seem like the most difficult academic task, but for many students it is a time-consuming endeavor that can cause a great deal of stress.
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Assignment Writing Service
Sliqessays is your one-stop-shop for all your assignment writing needs. Our extensive pool of academic writers can help provide high quality assignment writing help for school, college and university students around the world.
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Coursework Writing Service
Students from high school to university are all expected to do regular coursework as part of their curriculum. Coursework contributes to the final grade and is assessed separately from your final exam. Needless to say, coursework is an important part of any student’s academic career.
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Dissertation Writing Service
Your dissertation is likely the most important academic paper you will ever write – completing your dissertation indicates your transition from student to scholar.
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Admission Essay Writing Service
Most institutes of higher learning require admission essays as part of their entrance application. With more and more applicants vying for a limited number of seats, admissions essays have become an integral part of the application process.
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Anotated Bibliography Writing Service
Common in college and university writing, annotated bibliographies are basically a list of citations to books, articles, and documents (the bibliography) each of which are followed by a short descriptive evaluation (the annotation).
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Appliaction Essay Writing Service
The application essay is the most important part of the entire college admissions process. A well rounded application essay to the college or university of your choice will highlight all the accomplishments and achievements that make you a worthy candidate.
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Capstone Project Writing Service
A capstone project is a major undertaking for honors level students. Completing a successful capstone project is a requirement for obtaining a Master’s Degree. It is something that needs a great deal of time, effort and hands-on research.
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Case Study Writing Service
A case study is a type of academic writing exercise that gives students the chance to explore real-world problems in greater detail from several points of view.
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Creative Writing Service
The field of creative writing is vast. It comprises of everything from a short piece of fiction, to an epic novel, short story, play, movie-script or poem.
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Critical Thinking Writing Service
Teaching critical thinking skills is a top priority for all educational institutions. Critical thinking empowers students on a number of levels and is necessary to develop cognitive and reasoning skills.
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Entrance Essay Writing Service
Gaining admission to the college or university of your choice is becoming harder and harder with every passing year. Increased competition for a limited number of seats mean that college admissions boards are becoming more selective about which candidates they choose.
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Formatting Service
All institutes of higher learning require that their essays reports and presentations conform to recognized standards and format.
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Homework Writing Service
Homework has been the bane of students since time immemorial. Students see homework as a never-ending chore that brings little or no immediate benefits, while parents and teachers regard it as a necessary evil.
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Personal Statement Writing Service
A personal statement is your one opportunity to impress the admissions board of a college or university during the application process.
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Project Writing Service
Project work is something students are expected to do throughout their academic careers. Grades are awarded based on the scope and breadth of the project as well as the quality of the written report. Finishing projects on time are one of the hardest challenges a student will face; most find it difficult to complete a project and hand it in before the deadline.
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Proofreading Service
Sliqessays proofreading service is designed to eliminate any errors that can mar an otherwise well written academic paper. Our dedicated team of professional writers and editors can provide a range of editing and proofreading services that covers all subjects at every academic level.
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Reaction Paper Writing Service
A reaction paper is a type of essay that is used to describe how you feel about a particular subject or topic. A reaction paper will discuss your personal thoughts and feelings on any given topic. Reaction papers can be about anything – a video, book, play, poem, performance or even a piece of art.
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Report Writing Service
Report writing, like essays, is an essential part of a student’s academic career. Students are assessed on their report writing skills in the same way they are on essay writing. Whereas essays are typically an extended discussion of a particular subject, reports have a much narrower focus on a given topic.
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Research Paper Writing Service
Students often have a hard time when it comes to writing research papers. A successful research paper will involve a good deal of first-hand research which the author will use to support his or her thesis. The problem with this is that it is extremely time consuming; most students are already struggling under heavy workloads and will find it difficult to devote enough time to conduct thorough scientific research for their paper.
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Review Writing Service
Reviews are a type academic writing most students are familiar with. A good review will be a critical assessment of an event, object or work of art that demonstrates a student’s understanding and appreciation of the subject being discussed.
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Rewriting Service
As part of our comprehensive editing and proofreading services, Sliqessays rewriting service can help turn your rough draft into a polished academic paper worthy of publication. Our rewriting service gives final shape to your written work, removing all kinds of mistakes and any hints of plagiarism to create a totally original piece.
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Scholarship Essay Writing Service
In tough economic times more and more students rely on financial aid as they pursue higher studies. For a select few a scholarship can go a long way to reducing their financial burden, and the first step in obtaining one is to write a scholarship essay.
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Term Paper Writing Service
A type of research paper assigned to a student over the course of a semester, the term paper usually accounts for a large portion of the final grade. Most students find writing their term papers a challenge and often struggle to get it started.
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Thesis Paper Writing Service
Writing a thesis paper is a major undertaking for any student. PhD and Master’s degree candidates have to put all the knowledge they have accumulated in the last 5 years into one final thesis paper – a daunting prospect. Such is the stress associated with writing a thesis paper that many students give up before they even get started.
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